Family Games & Activities

Family Games & Activities

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“You always have time for the things you put first.”

Playing together as a family is an important part of getting to know and enjoy each other. When life is all work and no play relationships can become strained. So, we’ve gotten into the habit of scheduling our “fun time” like we schedule our family meetings.

We’ll provide you with our favorite game and activity suggestions, fun local events, and family vacation ideas to help you rest, restore, and connect together. We reserve a bit of play time after our family meeting each week, but also try to squeeze in a family night once a month, and a family vacation once a year.

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In the meantime, here’s a list of our favorite family night games:


This is genuinely a family favorite, every one of us likes this game. It’s simple, fun, and the tables turn easily. SkipBo is in our regular rotation.  —>Shop SkipBo Card Game


Jesse and I love Farkle! It takes a little convincing to get the kids to play. It’s a super simple dice game and easy to visit with each other while playing. Our family behaves on the more antagonizing side of annoying, so it can get pretty on edge when a particular player is experiencing poor luck…. which, come to think of it, is likely why it takes some convincing to play.  —>Shop Farkle

Sorry (Sliders)

A fun twist on the game of Sorry! Sorry Sliders has similar rules to the game of sorry, but is more challenging and takes a little more coordination. We have a ton of fun playing both the original Sorry and this fun rendition. —>Shop Sorry Sliders

Mexican Train

Mexican Train is a strategic game of dominoes. It’s a race to be the first one to play all your dominoes on the board. You can play on your own train, start side trains, and block opponents. It’s a great game to get you thinking, and lots of fun!  —>Shop Mexican Train


Jesse and I actually loathe this game. It takes FOREVER. But, the boys love it and play it any chance they get. This is one of those games that if you have the space you can play, leave, and come back to again at a later time. We just don’t have an area where that’s possible yet.  —>Shop Monopoly

Euchre (pronounced YOU-ker)

We love this card game. I’ve heard it’s a mid-west thing, so don’t feel out of the loop if you’ve never heard of it. I think a basic knowledge of the game is a college requirement around here. So, we actually consider playing Euchre college prep in our family. The kids have grown up watching us play at get-togethers, during camping trips, and on holidays. It feels kind of like a “right of passage” to learn the game and actually get to play it with the adults. Click here if you’re interested in learning the rules of the game. What are some of your favorite card games? Are there any games distinct to your family or area?

We are always on the hunt for some new fun family games. What are some of your favorite games? Share them with us in the comments!

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