5 Reasons to Implement a Virtual Family Calendar

5 Reasons to Implement a Virtual Family Calendar

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Everyone has a slightly different way of organizing their calendar. Many people still prefer hand writing out their lists and schedules. Penning something down on paper can definitely be accompanied by a quiet satisfaction. However, now that we have 4 different full-time schedules to track in our household, the nostalgia of pen and paper lists can’t compete with the effectiveness of a virtual family calendar.

We recently made the switch and installed a shared calendar app on all of our electronic devices. Setting it up was pretty quick and easy, and definitely worth the time. We’ve reaped many benefits. I can confidently say that I will NEVER go back. Here’s my top 5 reasons you should implement your own virtual family calendar:

1. Virtual Family Calendars are Always Accessible

I check our availability and add events and appointments to my calendar as soon as I learn about them. If I don’t, it’s inevitable that I’ll forget. Whether I’m reading bulletin announcements before the church service starts, making future appointments at the chiropractor’s office, or laying out both school calendars at my kitchen table, I’m able to add important activities and reminders to our calendar right away.

2. Everyone Has Access

I’m not the only one who can check or update the calendar! This is HUGE for me. We’ve made it a point to pull up the calendar every week as a family. We review and add items that are coming up for the week ahead. This has helped the boys take ownership of their schedules and taken some of the pressure off of me to make sure everyone is everywhere they need to be, with everything they need in tow.

3. Plan Efficiently & Effectively

Managing a household and everyone in it is a job in itself. Yet, we all have many other responsibilities added to our already full plates. A virtual calendar allows me to make plans, or turn them down, in an efficient and effective manor. I’m also able to set up notifications to remind me of important events and appointments.

4. You Can Customize & Color Code Your Virtual Family Calendar

In addition to being fun and pretty, it’s also simple to read at a glance. Each member of our family is assigned his or her own color, so it’s easy to see what’s coming up on our schedules. I encourage the boys to add big assignments, or project due dates, to keep them on everyone’s radar.

5. Lists. Lists. Lists.

I’m a list maker. If it’s not on a list, it won’t get accomplished. It is so fast and easy to update lists on a virtual family calendar. Another perk is I never lose the list because it’s right on my cell phone. But, I love lists mostly because of conversations like the following:

SON: “Mom, Did you buy me deodorant?”
MOM: “Son, Did you add it to the list in Cozi?”

I use this feature more than I expected.

Are you convinced? My challenge to you is to give it a try for 30 days. You won’t be sorry.

Our Recommended Virtual Family Calendar

We’ve experimented with a couple different types of calendars and landed on a favorite. The Cozi Family Organizer accomplishes everything on the above list easily and quickly. Set-up is a breeze and the app is very simple to navigate. You can say goodbye to family chaos with the app that organizes calendars, lists and more. And it’s FREE!

Cozi Family Organizer

This app has seriously changed my world. I have to confess that my previous method of organization consisted of tacking various notes and paper calendars to a cork board where I would subsequently forget about them. Now I feel more confident and organized.

We will often schedule family time, fitness time, or rest time in our calendar so we make sure we are living out our priorities instead of getting caught up in the rat race.

Do you currently use a virtual family calendar? What’s your favorite app? If not, what system do you use to organize your schedules?

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