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Make Him Known at Home is the practice of regularly scheduling time to spend together in God’s Word. Plan to set aside time to meet on a weekly basis. Our weekly family time consists of a mandatory dinner and family meeting every Sunday evening. Choose the time that works best for you! Each week after dinner we read a Bible Study (Pray), hold a weekly planning session (Plan), and enjoy a game or movie night (Play), together.

Walk Together in God’s Word

It is important to us that we provide our children with practical applications from God’s Word that they can apply to relevant issues they face in their daily lives. The Pray Together Family Bible Study is a subscription that provides a weekly topical devotion, practical questions, suggested car conversations, and daily Bible verses to contemplate both together and individually throughout the week.

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Subscribe to the Pray Together Family Bible Study to Receive:

  • A Weekly Family Bible Study – All of the Bible Studies are centered around a topical theme that is applicable to families with teenage children, from self esteem, drugs and alcohol, to goal setting and good sportsmanship.
  • Discussion Questions – The discussion questions are designed to open dialogue between parents and children surrounding the topic in the Bible Study. Each question will also be answered biblically with a passage from the Bible.
  • Prayers for Teens and Parents – Every devotion will contain a prayer for parents and a prayer for teens, as well as a time to share how we can pray for each other throughout the week.
  • Car Conversations – Have you ever noticed that the only time your teenager wants to talk to you is when you’re driving in the car? Us too! Car conversations are suggested open ended questions to ask your teenage children while you’re driving in the car throughout the week. Sometimes they’ll bite, sometimes they’ll roll their eyes. But, that doesn’t mean we have to stop trying!
  • Suggested Family Activities – Receive a list of our favorite games and activities. We’ll also provide notifications of local events, and a few family vacation ideas.
  • Encouragement from Our Exclusive Facebook Group – Your subscription comes with an invitation to join our Facebook Group, where you can find support, ask for prayer requests, or just be encouraged on your journey to pray, plan, and pay together as a family.


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