What’s Make Him Known at Home?

What’s Make Him Known at Home?

Make Him Known at Home was born out of a need to manage our hectic schedules while staying grounded in God’s Word. We are a busy family with many passions that often take us in different directions. It is not uncommon for us to divide and conquer, which doesn’t provide much time to spend together as a family. Between school, work, two sports, tutor sessions, physical therapy appointments, homework, games, events, time with friends, and this list that just kept growing, we were all exhausted, frustrated, and emotionally empty. Something had to give.

High School is Seriously Scary

After our oldest son started high school, it didn’t take us long to realize that we needed to start intentionally planning our time together as a family. It was also evident that the boys needed to take ownership of their own schedules and responsibilities. High School brought a whole new world of learning experiences that we wanted to be able to talk about with our children. We were facing many new challenges that we didn’t feel equipped to handle. All we knew for certain is that we needed God’s help.

How Do We Reconnect Our Family?

We turned to prayer and our many Christian friends to learn how they manage their schedules, nurture their family relationships, and keep Jesus at the center of it all. Through a lot of listening, reading, trial, and error we were able to come up with a system that helps our family gather around God’s Word on a regular basis to pray, plan, and play together.

Now we are excited to share what we’ve learned with you!

Bible Studies for Families with Teenagers

Simply put, Make Him Known at Home is the practice of regularly scheduling time to spend together in God’s Word. Plan to set aside time to meet on a weekly basis. Our weekly family time consists of a mandatory dinner and family meeting every Sunday evening. Choose the time that works best for you! Each week after dinner we read a Bible Study (Pray), hold a weekly planning session (Plan), and enjoy a game or movie night (Play), together.

Now, this doesn’t make our lives perfect, but it has helped to open a dialogue with our teenage children and empowered them to take ownership of their own schedule and responsibilities. It also helps us keep our eyes focused on Jesus, which puts everything else into perspective. Learn how to reconnect your family and implement your own family night.  Grab the tools you’ll need below!

Pray Together

It is important to us that we provide our children with practical applications from God’s Word that they can apply to relevant issues they face in their daily lives. The Make Him Known at Home weekly Bible Study provides a topical devotion, practical questions, suggested car conversations, and daily Bible verses to contemplate both together and individually throughout the week.

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Plan Together

I’ve found, the most difficult concept to teach my children is how to take ownership of their schedules and responsibilities. When I started dropping the ball on schedules and activities (because I couldn’t keep up with it all on my own), I insisted we figure out how to work together as a family to manage our household and everything that goes along with it. Our weekly family meetings have helped us organize our calendars, set goals, identify where we need help or prayers, and assign tasks, together.

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Play Together

Playing together as a family is an important part of getting to know and enjoy each other. When life is all work and no play relationships can become strained. One of my favorite quotes is, “You always have time for the things you put first.” So, we’ve gotten into the habit of scheduling our “fun time” like we schedule our family meetings.

We’ll provide you with our favorite game and activity suggestions, fun local events, and family vacation ideas to help you rest, restore, and connect together. We reserve a bit of play time after our family meeting each week but also try to squeeze in a family night once a month, and a family vacation once a year.

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